My husband and I know what it means to make ends meet and provide for our two precious daughters. We know what it means to fight an ever more intrusive government determined to infringe upon our rights and make us more dependent on the state.

We, too, are disgusted by the partisanship and politicking, the back room deals and the naked greed that we see in our Commonwealth. We are also alarmed by the supreme disregard for the weakest among us shown by the Democratic Party platform. We also reject the call for big government and uphold the State’s right to autonomy under the Constitution.

I have served in Fayette Juvenile Court as Court appointed counsel in cases of Dependency, Neglect and Abuse since 1989. The concerns and problems raised in that forum are indicative of the steady deterioration of our culture. In addition I practice Family Law with an emphasis on helping the Hispanic community, aided by my fluency in Spanish. From those experiences I have carried away the resolution to aid practical, wise and compassionate Immigration Reform.

In 1999, with friends I started to address the problems I saw by founding a local Bible Study that has grown extensively and now reaches hundreds in Kentucky and across the nation.

"Freedom prospers only where the blessings of God are avidly sought and humbly accepted,” President Ronald Reagan said,” The American experiment in democracy rests on this insight.”

As our Founding Fathers noted, a lot of the issues addressed in the Scriptures are the same ones addressed in our public square, and the Judeo-Christian moral compass is the firm foundation on which to rest our decisions.

In my weekly radio show on 1380AM/94.9FM I have addressed similar concerns for well over 7 years.

As a wife, mother, local attorney and businesswoman in our district for 25 years I am familiar with the issues that are nearest and dearest to all our hearts:

•The need for effective leadership and common sense solutions to encourage job creation and growth through cutting taxes, reducing spending, and holding the government accountable
•The necessity of balancing the budget realistically
•The forming of real communication between us and our representatives in Frankfort by replacing ineffective incumbents with leaders who care for their constituents.


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